Vulnerability Analyst

Richmond, Virginia, United States · Bear


Risk Based Security ( is recognized as one of the 500 hottest and most innovative cyber security companies to watch in 2019. Our products, Cyber Risk Analytics (CRA) and VulnDB, provide organizations access to the most comprehensive threat and vulnerability intelligence knowledge bases and risk ratings available. In addition, our YourCISO offering provides organizations with on-demand access to high quality security and information risk management resources in one easy to use web portal.

Job Responsibilities:

Analyze and research vulnerability reports, exploits, whitepapers, vendor announcements, product changelogs, news articles, software bug reports, patches, git commits, and many other sources to identify issues that are legitimate vulnerabilities and write up detailed alerts based on these findings (RBS provides data sources).

Initially pass the identified security issues up the chain for further validation and approval via basic data entry. Once fully trained, more responsibility for analysis, validation and data entry.

This position requires U.S. citizenship, is not eligible for remote work, and will work out of our Richmond, VA office.


What you must bring to the job:

● Reading comprehension, attention to detail, and the ability to read between the lines (deductive reasoning).

● Self motivation and the ability to work independently once trained.

● Excellent communication skills and the ability to ask for help when needed.

● Ability to work to a schedule in the fast pace of a client service business.

Qualifications and skills that are considered an advantage:

● A solid understanding of software and hardware vulnerabilities.

● Coding experience in e.g. C/C++, Java, Python, Ruby to a level where you can identify vulnerabilities when reading the code.

● Basic experience with vulnerability exploitation.

● Experience with penetration testing / vulnerability assessments / network scanning.


Compensation: (Flexible to W-2 hire based on candidate)

Because the position is relatively unique, and we want to be sure it is a good fit for both you and RBS, this position is initially offered as a 1099 independent contractor position. If the fit appears good, we will convert the position into a W-2, employee role with the following benefits for a full-time employee:

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